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A legend in Istanbul! Park Fora.

Park Fora, a seafood restaurant operated by Ali Rıza Yılmaz and İlhan Çulha since 1996 within the Cemil Topuzlu Park, is located in Kuruçeşme, a district in Istanbul that embraces the Bosphorus. With magnificent views of the Bosphorus combined with the lush setting of the Cemil Topuzlu Park as a natural backdrop, Park Fora is a restaurant that responds to the highest expectations of its guests and exceeds international quality standards as a prerequisite of its food safety policy. Operating under the supervision of a food engineer, Park Fora always aims to provide ultimate customers satisfaction, and as the holder of ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certification, continues to maintain its pioneering and innovative approach in the food and beverage industry.

Park Fora, the place to go when it comes to tasting the best fish in Istanbul, offers a wide variety of seasonal seafood. With a rich fish selection, Park Fora shares the bounty of the Black Sea, Marmara and the Aegean Seas with its guests. Surprising flavors and novelties are never missing from the menu, which includes a wide range of starters such as salads prepared with Aegean herbs or seafood, hot and cold mezes of mostly fish and other seafood. In the main dishes, seasonal fish are presented with a variety of interpretations.

With a rich menu that ranges from traditional flavors to world cuisines, Park Fora takes its guests on a delicious journey across the blue seas. With “Paella”, the guests travel to the coasts of Valencia, or embark on a cruise with French sailors with the “Moule Mariniere”, also known as a sailor’s dinner. Tasting the octopus roasted with wine will take you to the Greek islands, and the milk-poached fish will bring the sweet breezes of Izmir. With the calamari, your journey will continue to North Aegean, Cunda, and Babakale. With the bonito, bluefish and turbot depending on the season arriving at your table, you will once again remember that you are right by the Bosphorus. Salted bonito (lakerda) and fish roe (tarama) as the gifts of the Bosphorus to Istanbul are served at Park Fora in their authentic tastes that have endured thousands of years.

Istanbul’s traditional fishing culture and world flavors come together at Park Fora. With 40 years of experience in the industry, Park Fora, located within the lush green Cemil Topuzlu Park in Ortaköy, Istanbul, and right on the shores of the Bosphorus, is a pioneering and well-established seafood restaurant, known for its authentic flavors.

Park Fora, which pioneered live king crab tanks in Turkey, also features live lobster tanks and Fine de Claire oysters imported live from France. With a rich variety of local shellfish (including oysters, vongole or clams, sea scallops, sea urchins in season), Park Fora offers all fish in season and in their finest quality. Specialties such as Milk Poached Fish, Shrimp on a Bed of Eggplant Puree, and Turbot Tandoor certainly deserve to be tried. Park Fora complements its authentic flavors with a rich wine collection, providing its guests from all around the world an opportunity to enjoy the finest seafood on the shores of the unforgettable Bosphorus.

The delicious journey at Park Fora can only end with a stop at the dessert station. Park Fora’s unforgettable chocolate soufflé is among the most revered desserts on the menu. And the feast can only be complete with a range of local delicacies including fig, pumpkin and quince desserts or oven-cooked halvah.


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