Bonito belongs to a family that includes mackerel, tuna, and bonito. It is a migratory fish that lives in schools, with dark meat and no scales. Its back is striped, and its belly is silver-colored. Its length can reach up to 1 meter. Although varieties of this family are found in all our seas, the most delicious ones are those caught in the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea.

In Black Sea and Marmara bonito, there are 7 bands going from head to tail, with four dark and three light shades. It is a bone-bearing fish without scales.

Names of Bonito Fish according to their sizes:

  • Bonito fry (12 – 16 cm)
  • Chestnut bonito (40–50 cm)
  • Gypsy bonito (20 – 30 cm)
  • Bonito (31 – 40 cm)
  • Tuna (51 – 60 cm)
  • Sharp (61 – 65 cm)
  • Sixfinger (65 – 70 cm)
  • Zindandelen (over 70 cm)

Bonito is a well-known fish for fishermen and people in our country. It is found in all our seas, but the taste of Black Sea and Marmara bonito is more delicious compared to bonitos from other seas.

Due to being a large fish, bonito is sold to consumers not by weight but individually or in pairs. The average weight of a bonito in our country is between 250-350 grams, and its length is between 25-30 cm. The name of bonito at this size is Gypsy bonito. The weight of bonito is 500-600 grams, and its length is around 30-40 cm.

Here are the benefits of bonito fish:

  • The vitamins in bonito strengthen your hair.
  • People who consume bonito regularly have been observed to have a more regular tooth structure.
  • It has a regulatory effect on cholesterol in the blood.
  • It helps wounds heal quickly.
  • It rejuvenates the skin and has a skin-repairing property.
  • Like all fish meats, bonito fish is beneficial for the eyes.
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